For those who have been with us recently, and for those who have been with us for a long time, we remind, Diva Home of Diamonds – is a jewelry company that creates exclusive diamond jewelry to order.

  • With us you can order jewelry of any complexity, including with large and rare diamonds, or buy ready-made from the wide range available.
  • We are not mass-market!
    With us you can get for a reasonable and fair price exactly what you would like to buy, but can’t find in any jewelry store, and in the brand boutiques jewelry with the same diamonds, if available, will cost unreasonably expensive. You will have to pay more than half of the price just for the name of the brand.
    In this case, of course, diamonds as an investment is out of the question!

  • All our jewelry, starting with sketches and modeling are created by some of the best jewelers in Ukraine with experience of over 20 years.
    The quality of our jewelry meets the quality of the world’s best brands, but at prices by 2-3 times more favorable!
  • All of our diamonds are certified exclusively by the Gemological Institute of America GIA and have a laser-etched certificate number on the girdle of the diamond itself.
    GIA is the most strict and most authoritative laboratory in the world, trusted by the jewelry world and with the certificates of which all the world’s famous brands work!

Diamonds with certificates from other laboratories or opinions of local gemologists very often do not correspond to the declared characteristics and may hide the presence of defects and outside interventions, such as heating to raise the color or “treatment” to artificially improve the characteristics.
Accordingly, diamonds with such papers are not at all worth the money they are trying to sell you for.

That’s why we work exclusively with certified diamonds and are an official GIA retailer.

Ритейлер GIA